Outside Insight

“I read your report every week – very useful and well thought out analysis”

- Manager at Trading Arm of UK Utility

“I find your reports highly interesting and the analysis precise and useful”

- Analyst at Scandinavian Utility

“I particularly like the transparency of your assumptions and the way you show how you’re improving the model over time by picking up differences in the back cast or changes in the market data”

- Senior Manager at UK Utility

“I enjoy reading your reports and think it is a class product”

- Analyst at Stadtwerke in Germany

“This product is like insurance”

- Analyst at European Oil Major

“Firstly can I just say how much we enjoy/appreciate the Catalyst reports. They are an excellent and invaluable resource”

- Trader at EU Trading Firm

“Catalyst are the benchmark for UK power that we (traders and analysts) have to try to beat”

- Analyst at EU Asset-Backed Trading Firm

“We have been using Catalyst for a while now and find their work very valuable”

- Analyst at Investment Bank

"I've looked at this quite a bit as you can imagine and I think people will struggle to get their models much better”

- Gas Trader

“I wish every data vendor would work this way. This is good communication! Thanks!”

- Analyst at Trading Firm

“Other providers are much less transparent which is one reason we like your service"

- Hedge Fund Analyst

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