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Catalyst Commodities provides intelligent, independent, fact-based insight, regular reports and bespoke advice for UK Power.

Catalyst UK Power Forecasts

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About Us

Catalyst Commodities was launched in 2014 as there are many generalists, but before us, no one was focused solely on commercial and credible UK power price prediction. With an average of 20 years of experience across our partners, Catalyst Commodities is solely-focused on UK power and its influences. With a proven model and commercial experience key to a credible decision, our UK power market expertise is second-to-none.

Catalyst's market-leading UK Power model and in-house expertise drives a number of reports, depending on the time horizon. We aim to make you the best informed on UK power prices and fundamentals in the market. We can also assist on European demand forecasts through our partnership with TESLA forecasting solutions.

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