Meet the Team

Paul Monk – UK Power Specialist

Before establishing Catalyst in 2014, Paul worked in the energy sector for more than 13 years, firstly as a trader and strategist with Seeboard and EDF Energy, followed by five years at a proprietary trading role at Deutsche Bank. Paul then took a role as UK power trader at EDFT, including hedging the 9GW UK nuclear fleet and 6GW of coal, gas, and wind generation.

Graham Schorfield – UK Power Specialist

Graham has unrivalled experience in UK Power. Before joining Catalyst in 2015, Graham spent 25 years in the sector, most recently at Eclipse Energy as Head of Analytics for eight years and British Energy, where he was head of fundamental analysis for 12 years.

Jim Beynon – UK Power Specialist

Jim is a key part of Catalyst Commodities due to his knowledge of UK power and recent senior utility management experience. Jim joined in 2016 and has over 14 years of experience in the sector, having worked for EDF Energy in a variety of roles, including Head of Commercial Management for 5GW of coal and gas-fired power stations. Prior to that, Jim worked in management consultancy and corporate finance with roles at NatWest and Ernst and Young.

Jaka Štiglic – UK Power Specialist

Jaka has added immense value to Catalyst Commodities since our inception in 2014, working firstly at TESLA through our joint venture, and fully joining the Catalyst team in 2017. Jaka is highly qualified in economics, a skilled programmer, and has worked in commercial econometric roles since 2012.

Kevin Yates – EU Demand Specialist

Kevin has 21 years of experience, firstly as a forecasting analyst for London Electricity, followed by twelve years as a portfolio manager and research analyst in the banking sector. Kevin manages business development at Catalyst Commodities’ partner TESLA and is a key part of our management team.

Marialena Athanasopoulou – Solutions Manager, Wholesale Markets

Marialena has worked with Catalyst Commodities since our inception in 2014 through our partnership with TESLA Forecasting Solutions. Marialena is highly qualified in economics and has worked in a commercial econometric role since 2013. Marialena is crucial to Catalyst Commodities in many areas of our modelling, including our unique, market-leading wind forecasting product, Catalyst Metered Wind.

Jonathan El-Miligy – Forecast Analyst

Jon has been working with Catalyst since 2016 as part of our partnership with TESLA and quickly became a vital part of the team. Proficient and highly qualified in many programming languages and econometrics, Jon adds extensive value to the Catalyst team and product range.

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